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Assistant Prof, PI

PhD, Northwestern Univ.

BS, Tsinghua Univ.

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Lab Positions

We have openings for all levels of lab members: postdocs, PhD/MS and undergrad students.  Please reach out to us. 

Wenjun Shao
Postdoc Fellow

PhD, Huazhong U of Sci & Tech (HUST)

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Postdoc Fellow

PhD, Univ. of Oklahoma

Zhengping Guan
Postdoc Fellow

PhD, National Univ. of Singapore

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Zhiyu Zhang, MS

Current Position: Shanghai

Weiye Song, PhD

Current Position: MGH, Postdoc fellow

Lei Zhang, PhD

Current Position: Shantou Univ, Assis Prof

Libo Zhou, PhD

Current Position: Univ of Connecticut, Postdoc fellow

Xiaojun Xu, PhD

Current Position:

Sipei Fu, BS

Current Position: Broad Institute, Cambrige

Colby Kim, Undergrad

Current Position: Boston Univ, Boston

Wei Yi, PhD

Current Position: Shandong Univ, Instructor

Rongrong Liu, PhD

Current Position: Chicago



Light Sheet Microscopy

We design and implement various form of light sheet microscopy for observing life in 3D across different length scales from cells to whole body of small organisms.  Harnessing rich light-tissue interaction and advanced imaging technology, we aim to observe life in its native form in 3D in real time and reveal the connection among structure, function, genomics and phenotypes. 

Visible Light Optical Coherence Tomography

We pioneer visible light OCT for three distinct advantages.  First, the shorter wavelength in vis-OCT results in ultra-high image resolution.  Second, hemoglobin has strong absorption in the visible light rage, which allows oxygen sensing.  Third, the expansion of the wavelength range enhances the capability of elastic light spectroscopy, for detecting early structural changes in diseases.  By utilizing motion contrast, label-free microangiography down to single capillary can be achieved.

Imaging oxygen

Oxygen is essential to life. The importance of how human body reacts to oxygen change is recognized by the 2019 Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine.  We developed several cutting-edge techniques (label-free vis-OCT, phosphorescence oxygen sensor) to map oxygen in 3D to quantify the metabolic function of living tissue. 

Retinal and neuroimaging 

We develop retinal imaging techniques to quantify the vascular dysfunction, ultra-structural alterations for blinding pathologies (e.g. diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, ad AMD).  As the retina shares many similarities with the cerebral cortex and yet has less neuronal cell types and simpler anatomy, the retina is an excellent target for studying neural circuitry and neurovascular coupling.

Crossing modalities with deep learning

Multimodal, multi-dimensional, real-time imaging generates large amount of data.  We are interested in using deep learning network to transform different imaging modalities, for example, transform label-free reflectance to immunofluorescent images, to ultimately eliminate the staining process.  Holistically, deep learning may hold advantage to identify hidden phenotypical features that is hard to perceive or quantitate using analytical model. 



Preprint Wenjun Shao, Kivilcim Kilic, Wenqing Yin, Gregory Wirak, Xiaodan Qin, Hui Feng, David Boas, Christopher V Gabel, Ji Yi “Wide field-of-view volumetric imaging by a mesoscopic scanning oblique plane microscopy with switchable objective lens. . biorxiv:2020.06.29.177782

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59. Weiye Song, Alex Matlock, Sipei Fu, Xiaodan Qin, Hui Feng, Christopher V. Gabel, Lei Tian, Ji Yi “LED array reflectance microscopy for scattering-based multi-contrast imaging ”, Opt Lett. 45, 7, 2020
Codes and PCB design is here .

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56. Rongrong Liu, Shiyi Cheng, Lei Tian, Ji Yi “Deep spectral learning for label-free optical imaging oximetry with uncertainty quantification”, Light Sci. Appl. 8, 102. 2019  Preprint version, bioRxiv 650259
Data and codes are open-sourced at Github.

54. Weiye Song, Sipei Fu, Shangshang Song, Sui Zhang, Lei Zhang, Steven Ness, Manishi Desai, Ji Yi “Longitudinal detection of retinal alteration by visible and near-infrared optical co-herence tomography (vnOCT) in a dexamethasone-induced ocular hypertension mouse model”, Neurophotonics, 6(4), 041103. 2019 Preprint version is here.

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Dr. Jingyu Wang is joining our group.  Welcome Jingyu!  

Sept 2020

Our paper "Visible light optical coherence tomography angiography (vis-OCTA) and local microvascular retinal oximetry in human retina" is top downloads on Biomed Opt Express in July.  We have 5 consecutive papers in monthly top download list! 

Sept 2020

Yi lab will be moving to Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering department and Wilmer Eye Institute in July 2020.

Jan 2020

Our paper on high-speed volumetric fluorescein angiography in mice is among top downloads in BOE! We have 4 consecutive papers in monthly top download list. We are excited to further develop this new technique for human imaging .

Oct 2019

Colby received funding from BU Undergrad Research Opportunity program! Congrats!

Sept 2019

Our recent paper on volumetric fluorescein angiography is accepted and published in BOE! Next stop: human imaging!

Aug 2019

Zhiyu Zhang successfully passed her quanlifying exam. She is now PhC (PhD candidate) working towards PhD!

Jun 2019

Sipei Fu graduated. She has done fantastic work here in the lab. Congrats!

May 2019




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