Dr. Jingyu Wang is joining our group.  Welcome Jingyu!  

Sept 2020

Our paper "Visible light optical coherence tomography angiography (vis-OCTA) and local microvascular retinal oximetry in human retina" is top downloads on Biomed Opt Express in July.  We have 5 consecutive papers in monthly top download list! 

Sept 2020

Yi lab will be moving to Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering department and Wilmer Eye Institute in July 2020.

Jan 2020

Our paper on high-speed volumetric fluorescein angiography in mice is among top downloads in BOE! We have 4 consecutive papers in monthly top download list. We are excited to further develop this new technique for human imaging .

Oct 2019

Colby received funding from BU Undergrad Research Opportunity program! Congrats!

Sept 2019

Our recent paper on volumetric fluorescein angiography is accepted and published in BOE! Next stop: human imaging!

Aug 2019

Zhiyu Zhang successfully passed her quanlifying exam. She is now PhC (PhD candidate) working towards PhD!

Jun 2019

Sipei Fu graduated. She has done fantastic work here in the lab. Congrats!

May 2019

Zhiyu Zhang officially joined the lab! Welcome! We will work together for a fruitful and fun journey!

May 2019

Rongrong's paper is among January Top download in Biomedical Optics Express! Congrats!

Feb 2019

Collaborative project on computational optics with Dr. Lei Tian's lab received Boston University Hariri Institute Research Incubation Award! Excited to see how the project will evolve and progress!

Feb 2019

BME PhD students Jing Zhang, and Zhiyu Zhang joined the lab for research rotation. BU student Colby Kim joined the lab for undergrad research. Welcome!

Jan 2019

Dr. Wenjun Shao joined the lab. Welcome and we hope you will have a productive and fun time in the lab!

Oct 2018

Dr. Ji Yi received a prestigious Evens Junior Faculty Merit Award from 25 applicants. Thank you to Department of Medicine and Boston Medical Center. We are truly grateful for this acknowledgement to our hard work and dedication!

Oct 2018

Our R01 proposal on investigating retinal capillary dysfunctions by oblique scanning ophthalmoscopy and visible light optical coherence tomography in diabetic retinopathy is funded by NIH/NINDS! The project is a working collaboration with BMC eye clinics, and our clinical collaborators Dr. Steven Ness. We are excited to finally work in the clinical environment!

Sept 2018

Our R21 project with BMC eye clinics is funded by NIH/NEI in developing sensitive optical markers for diagnosis of ocular surface maligancy! We are looking forward to taking the full swing of our newly developed imaging method in clinics with our wonderful clinical collaborator Dr. Lee

Aug 2018

Our paper "Fiber-based visible and near infrared optical coherence tomography (vnOCT) enables quantitative elastic light scattering spectroscopy in human retina" is in the list of top downloaded paper in July 2018 in Biomedical Optics Express! We have two consecutive papers that are top downloader in BOE. Great job and keep up the good work!

Aug 2018

Collaborative R01 project with UCLA is funded by NIH/NCI on developing a noval nanodelivery platform for antibody drugs targeting lymphoma in the central nerve system! Oblique scanning laser ophthalmoscopy will be put in test to evaluate the drug delivery. Very exciting!

July 2018

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